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We value our patients' experience at Elite Health and Wellness. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Chet Barton
Your Orlando Chiropractor

  • 07/2017: I started seeing Dr. Barton about one month ago after having 3 sinus and ear infections in as many months. I was tired of being on antibiotics. I left his office after a comprehensive conversation and exam with my sinus headache gone. With some holistic suggestions and adjustments each day I felt better and I never had to get antibiotics! I have started a supplement regimen coupled with decompression therapy and adjustments and I feel better than I've felt in over a decade! The range of motion in my neck and hips has me moving more easily and my energy level has been incredible! If I could classify Dr. Barton as my primary care physician, I would! Kim W.
  • 07/2017: Dr. Barton is great as well as the staff. Always smiling faces, never waiting in lobby for your appt, they are always on schedule. Got my lower back pain well under control after a few weeks of therapy. Highly recommend! John D.

  • 07/2017: Came here after I got hit by a truck. I was having neck issues and back problems but I was extremely concerned because my hands and fingers were hurting. I work with my hands so I was extremely worried.

    Doctor Barton helped me get better and explained my injuries and set up a regiment to get better. Dr Barton referred me to a neurosurgeon that helped me with my hands and I have progressively gotten much better.

    Doctor Barton took me in without an appointment when I was having this very painful flare up and helped get better.

    I highly recommend this location. Fernando S.

  • 07/2017: Since day one I have felt comfortable with Dr. Barton and Staff. They are there to help me with any questions before and during treatment. Thanks!! Erika G.

  • 07/2017: My back and legs have felt so much better since I started seeing Dr. Barton. He has an excellent, attentive staff and fantastic service. Definitely would recommend you go here for your back pain!! Hannah C.

  • 07/2017: Because of my job, I have ongoing back pain. I've been to several chiropractors over the years and I can say that Dr. Barton is very knowledgeable and confidant in his diagnosis and treatment. If you want an effective and enjoyable experience then you've found your guy! Definitely check the office out, I have no doubt that he'll be able to help you!! Sheyanne C.

  • 07/2017: I discovered this place looking on yelp for a good chiropractor. The doctor is very nice and professional. He doesn't try to sell you on things and you can tell he truly loves his job.
    He does a nice adjustment and his prices are affordable. Alyssa L.

  • 06/2017: If I could give this office 10 stars I would. I have been coming to Dr. Barton on and off now for 3 years. I came to him the first time after being in an auto accident and was not receiving any relief from my current doctor so I decided to make a switch. I was treated as a individual not just a number which in today's healthcare world is very hard to find ( I have personally worked in the health care field for over 20+ years) At the end of my treatment I felt like a new women!
    A year later after a slip and fall, I was told by Jewett Orthopedic that my only option was back surgery with a six plus week recovery time. I went back to Dr. Barton and he told me I was a candidate for spinal decompression. He was honest and upfront about the price of the therapy and did not give me some ridiculous sales pitch. I went with this non surgical option and I am so happy I did. I was able to return to work during treatment and the staff always treated me like family. The message I am trying to get across to people is always look at ALL YOUR OPTIONS before deciding what works best for you.
    Thank you Dr. Barton. Not only for the superior care but all the encouragement along the way. Monica M.

  • 06/2017: I have had tension and headaches for several years. My upper back and neck area has been achy and sore. I’ve tried massage, but nothing else. I really thought this was something I was just going to have to live with. A close friend recommended I visit Dr. Barton for an assessment, he recommended spinal decompression. And I thank him for his recommendation! This office is different from others because the staff is friendly, the doctors are knowledgeable and they always have flexible appointment times. Now I don’t have the pain and stiffness that I had before. Alyssa B.

  • 06/2017: Awesome chiropractor. Very helpful and always willing to listen. Doris B.

  • 03/2017: I'm a disabled veteran and get treated there for back injuries sustained during my service, my treatments usually end with negative results as there methods usually don't work and result in masking the pain with medication, one visit to Elite Health and Wellness and I felt like an 18 year old again. For a few days nothing hurt and with on going treatment I believe I'll regain my life again! Geo H.

  • 02/2017: I love Dr Chet when i first met him i had back problem for over 20 years no one was able to help me he said he try an he did now i can set an stand great i am so happy to know him. He an his staff are so kind an carrying. U will not go wrong if u come to elite health and wellness. One happy girl Debbie B.

  • 01/2017: I Love Dr Barton.  My neck and back been feeling so great since going here.  His staff and everyone is so friendly and so accommodating with appointments.  I Couldn't be more pleased. Daina M.

  • 01/2017: Back in March "2016" on the first day of my 3rd round of chemo treatments,  an OUC flatbed truck dropped 2 cement telephone poles through the front window of my car...  SO now not only was I feeling sick & exhausted from all the daily apts. but now over whelmed not knowing how to get to my apts. without a car.  Luckily I got a great adjustor through my car insurance & was starting to feel a bit better about the situation.  THEN  a few days later my back started hurting and bending over wasn't  an option.  I was given Dr. Barton's name at Elite Health and wellness and was told he could help...  so I called to make an apt.,  Dr. Barton met me at the office that evening and from the moment I walked in I new I was doing the right thing.  My first visit was x-rays, patient history and movement studies to diagnose the damage caused by the accident.  From day one the office worked with me every week around my chemo, radiation, oncology apts., &  hospital stays. This was not an easy task to do but they got it done.  After a few weeks I started feeling better & was able to at least function.  I still have a long ways to go & probably surgery in the future BUT if not for Dr. Barton & all the AWEOME staff at Elite Health and Wellness I would probably be bed ridden.  I don't know about other chiropractic offices but I don't think they would have had the patience that Elite had with all the changes in my schedule & still found a way for me to get in there at least 2-3 times a week.  

  • 11/2016: I have been a patient for about 3 month and I'm extremely satify with the care that i recive from Dr Barton ad the entire staff member at elite wellness care,very honest and professional business. Airina R.

  • 11/2016: Dr. Barton and his staff are extremely helpful and friendly. They make you feel like you're a part of their family and every visit is convenient and even educational. Scott N.

  • 10/2016: I have never been a person to enjoy going to chiropractors. With that being said I have had lower back problems for at least 20 years. I have been to one or two chiropractors to look at my back and have never had any success. I happened across to Dr. Barton and Dr. Saunders at a park activity for my daughter school and my wife decided to sign me up against my personal wishes. I scheduled an appointment with his office feeling very skeptical that this person is not going to be able to help me. Upon arriving at his office a few days later I was met by a very welcoming warming staff with Dana and Alexis at the front desk. It was almost like walking into a family's house it was very personable and very enjoyable. After filling out my paperwork I had a very intensive x-ray scans of my neck and my lower back with Dr. Barton he was very professional. They found the problem with my lower back and my neck and suggested I go through decompression therapy. Again at first I was very skeptical of the situation with my skeptical attitude I begrudgingly decided to sign up for the treatment. Dana and Dr. Barton went over the procedure and explain to me what would happen. I went to decompression therapy for my lower back for approximately 2 1/2 months I have never been more happy and fel I went to decompression therapy for my lower back for approximately 2 1/2 months I have never been more happy. The problems with my lower back and subsequent damages to my body I have almost been completely reversed I feel like I am 20 years younger with a lot less lower back problems, I have an absolute love and complete trust and Dr. Barton and his staff. The massage therapist Tatiana is a very warm and kind caring individual who knows her job thoroughly and does a great job. I feel that these people are not only excellent professionals but I feel like family at this place. Matthew O.

  • 10/2016: I came to Florida from Boston to pursue education in the healthcare field. I have seen an orthopedic surgeon as well chiropractors for my back pain. I had an extreme flare up shortly after moving to Florida and I was in desperate need to be seen by a chiropractor. I had previously went to one all the way in Clermount and I ended up leaving in tears because she would not touch me unless I paid her a ridiculous amount of money. After driving by Elite Health and Wellness several times, I checked their reviews I felt ready to see another chiropractor, in hopes that this time I would receive the help that I needed. I called and spoke with Dana the office manager. I explained to her that I was in extreme pain and she was able to get me in the same day!!! The office had a new patient special that was affordable in which I was able to have an exam with the doctor AND get adjusted. Doctor Barton was able to come up with care according to me and my needs, he treated me as a patient and not just as money that could be made. Alexis D.

  • 10/2016: Dr. Barton and his team offer great chiropractic care and have helped me greatly with two injuries. Curt S.

  • 08/2016: I am extremely happy with the care I recieve with Dr Barton. I have been a patient for about six months. He has been treating my TMJ, numbness in my hand, and pinching pain in my lower back. The pain I was in is nearly gone and now I don't worry how I would make it through a whole day at my strenuous job. Dr Barton, Dr Saunders, Dana and Alexis always treat me like family. They also keep the office running smoothly and on schedule. Elite is the best choice for personalized chiropractic care in Orlando. Nichole O.

  • 08/2016: I have been to several Chiropractors and Dr. Barton and his staff are the best. He created a plan that met my needs and schedule. I would suggest and one in seek of a Chrio go see them. Danni G.

  • 08/2016: One of the most impressive things I find about Dr. Barton is that he remembers every issue & name of every single patient everyday! I have known Dr. Chet going on 5 years now. I am a massage therapist and we first met while working for other company together. Now we both work for ourselves; and as a massage therapist maintenance is so important to prevent injury. I just finished my Bachelors’ degree in Alternative Medicine and love chatting with Dr. Chet about an array of topics, from detox drinks for weight control or new roller-ball exercises. He never hurts your feelings; he is always positive & honest. He has become a good friend I see monthly with “wellness visits” giving me beyond your typical spinal adjustments… I trust him to fix my elbows and wrist and even jaw. I recommend my clients to see his awesome personally even if the location is not in their town. P.S. I have worked for other Chiropractors over the last 7 years and non can compare to the friendliness here. Misha G.

  • 08/2016: Dr. Barton saved me from a life of pain and misery. I had honestly given up hope on healing my neck pain. Over the course of a year, I'd been through the ringer with another chiropractor, an osteopath, and months of physical therapy. Dr. Barton provided a wellness plan that included weight loss, chiropractic care, and massage therapy. IT WORKED! He was there every step of the way with informative advice, recommendations, and support. I highly recommend Dr. Barton to anybody who would like to live a better quality of life. Thank you Dr. Barton... you're not only an amazing doctor, but an outstanding health and wellness coach. Robert R.

  • 08/2016: I've been coming to Dr. Barton for years. Love Elite Health & Wellness. Best Chiropractor, Doctor and Staff! Shaun E.

  • 08/2016: Dr. Barton is a very caring doctor that I recommend to anyone seeking chiropratic treatment. His ultra clean and modern office is very accommodating, with a personable and compassionate staff that posses his same caring attitude. My personal experience with his practice has been excellent, from administration through treatment. Most importantly, my back issues have been cured without surgery or other invasive forms of treatment at a fraction of the cost. After visiting several local chiropractors in the Orlando area that were nothing more than disappointing, Dr. Bartons practice renewed my confidence in chiropractic care. Moreover, Dr. Barton does not play pricing games and very respectful of your personal issues. I encourage anyone experiencing physical pain to visit Elite Health and Wellness for a consultation. You'll be genuinely impressed with the honesty, integrity and personal attention you will receive! Thank you Dr. Barton and your staff for renewing my physical well being!!! Geoffrey W.

  • 08/2016: Extremely kind and professional staff. My massage was great and I left feeling a lot of pain relief. Highly recommended! Jack N.

  • 08/2016: Dr. Chet Barton and his staff are top notch when it comes to handling accident injuries. I'm thankful that I found them and would not hesitate to refer my friends and family. I would trust Dr. Barton with any other injuries that needs to be addressed by a doctor. Stephan B.

  • 06/2016: From the moment I walked into Elite Health and Wellness I felt welcomed. Dana, at the front desk was so cheerful, and told me about their new patient special. The new patient special includes a consultation from Dr. Barton, and a partial adjustment (x-rays not included).

    Before seeing Dr. Barton, Diane helped me out with a knot on my shoulder. Her fingers were like magnets drawing out the tension.

    Finally, when I spoke with Dr. Barton he was very patient and listened to all of my concerns. The adjustment was wonderful. I had never been adjusted before, and what a fabulous first experience it was. I felt safe and comfortable even though I wasn't sure what to expect. When he was finished adjusting my vertebral column  and neck, I felt very relaxed.

    Dr. Barton and all of his staff are delightful. I would recommend both his chiropractic and therapeutic massage services to anyone suffering from pain, or discomfort.

    Just remember to tell the ladies at the front desk that Alex D. sent you! Visit his office today, so you can get back in motion! Alex N.

  • 01/15/2016: You dont want to pass on a great opportunity to get awesome results for your health in 2016.. Go by and check him out... Jr A.

  • 09/2015: My wife and I have been using Dr. Barton for almost 4 years and I will not go anywhere else.  It is truly difficult to find a small private practice that is user friendly and cares about the patients and not the up sell to services you do not need. From my experience the staff runs a professional business that makes you feel like one of the family. Bill M.

  • 08/2015: Everything is perfect about this place. Customer Service; Friendly Staff; Expertise are all a plus. Stop by and you wont regret the service. Melissa S.

  • 08/2015: I cannot say enough great things about Elite Health and Wellness.  Dr. Chet Barton takes the time to educate you about proper mobility, the key to getting rid of paid long term.  Dr. Barton treated me after a car accident and has truly returned me to health. I have been to many chiropractors over the years and can say he has been the best. His offices are always clean, tiddy, they are friendly, and accommodating.  He is always researching and adding new gadgets, or new equipment that will only benefit his patients further. Most importantly he practices with a high ethical standard and high degree of professionalism.

    If you are experiencing pain, especially in the back, definitely seek out Chet Barton and the services at Elite Health and Wellness.

    Thank me later! Tim L.

  • 08/2015: I've been to many chiropractors in the last 10 Years. Dr. Barton is by far the best because he gets the most results. He explains what and why before he does it and I really like that. Lewis M.

  • 08/2015: Dr. Barton and his staff deliver excellent service in a professional and caring environment. Dr. Barton's approach is gentle and effective. Dr. Barton explains each step to his patients and thoroughly prepares his clients for their treatment plan. Cutting edge technology make Dr. Barton the number one Chiropractor in Orlando. Gail H.

  • 04/2015: Dr. Barton is an amazing chiropractor! I had never been to a chiropractor before and he made me feel comfortable and confident in his abilities. He is very friendly and genuinely cares about his patients. He can truly make a difference in your life. Laura L.

  • 02/2015: Dr. Barton is wonderful! He truly cares about each patient. I had neck pain for the first time in my life and after a few visits, it was amazing how much better I felt. Kim A.

  • 10/2014: Thanks Dr Barton for keeping me moving! Melissa G.

  • 10/2014: Dr. Barton is an excellent chiropractor. He is very attentive and communicates well with his patients. I've followed him from a previous group practice to his own and highly recommend him to all of my friends and family. Jo A.

  • 9/29/2014:  After many years of treating with various chiropractors, Dr. Barton is the first one that has truly made a difference in my health. I feel I'm finally able to lead a healthy life! Dr. Barton and his wonderful staff are a refreshing pleasure, compared to most doctors' offices. I enjoy every visit! Susan M Winter Garden, FL

  • 9/18/2014:  I have had neck and shoulder pain for almost 5 months now.  The pain was so severe and debilitating that I was convinced I had a serious nerve or disc problem.  I went to see Dr. Barton and after my second visit, the pain had completely subsided.  All of the knots in my back, which I had my husband work on each night before bed, had completely disappeared.  While I still have a few sessions to attend over the next few weeks, I can already tell that this man has done amazing things by making adjustments to my back.  This week has been the first time I have lived without pain in 5 months and I am in awe.  There were no drugs or x-rays involved, just a great doctor.  I highly recommend Dr. Barton and I tell everyone about the impact he has made on my life. Unlike other doctors, he will not keep you waiting for your appointments, he is very professional and knowledgeable, his services are affordable, and the results will speak for themselves.  Nadia D. Orlando, FL

  • 8/11/2014:  Dr. Barton is a great chiropractor.  He is knowledgeable about health and most important he truly cares about the well-being of his patients.  My back has never felt this good.  The office is very clean and has a calming atmosphere.  Mary B. Orlando, FL

  • /13/2014:  My prior experience with a chiropractor rendered no results,  so needless to say I was not  convinced about going to a chiropractor again but my pain was so excruciating.  I had limited mobility and my lower back pain was effecting my everyday life.  Dr. Barton took the time to make me feel comfortable and put together a plan to get rid of the pain.  Well, after about my 8th appointment I can tell you that to my surprise my pain is 90% gone. I'm convinced I will feel 100% pain free  by continuing to follow his instructions and treatment. "Manos que Sanan" - hands that heal.
    I highly recommend Dr. Barton...he is not like any other Chiropractor ... he truly cares about his patients and definitely knows what he's doing.  Miriam B. Winter Gardens, FL


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