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What is Relief Care?

Your body is susceptible to injury, and a chiropractor could be just what you need. If you have a conditionElite Relief Care requiring chiropractic attention, consider Elite Health and Wellness where we have what we call Care. Care is broken up into three phases, with Relief Care being the introductory phase. If you are a new patient, this is where you would start on the road to recovery.

Assessing Your Health – A common misconception is that just because you feel healthy, then you must be healthy, but this simply isn’t true. While yes, you will feel pain from a scrape on your knee, no one can feel high cholesterol for example until it gets serious. A lack of pain is not synonymous with perfect health, and we wish to address serious conditions before it is too late.

Reduce Symptoms – The main oal of relief care is to take any symptoms that you are experiencing and either diminish them or help remove them all together. We want you to start feeling better as quickly as we can.

Follow Up Visits – Depending on the severity of your condition, it may be necessary to have more chiropractic care. Typically, to help continue tackling the cause of your symptoms you may need anywhere from weekly visits to as much as coming in daily depending on the cause.

You Need Relief Care
Your health is a very serious matter and should always be attended to properly. At Elite Health and Wellness, our staff is trained and will work with you to understand where your pain is coming from and treating it accordingly. If you are interested in Relief Care or wish to learn more about the other phases of the Care program, call us at 407-808-6899 and start the healing process today.


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